the voice actors of bobs burgers 

what i didn’t know linda was voiced by a guy!

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1000% done with your shit

1000% done with your shit

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I forgot what it was like to have a natural genuine connection with somebody. Sure, I connect with people. Friends, of course. Those I’ve been interested in or dated, of course. But it’s not that pure connection, that comfortable connection. The kind where when you’re around one another you could just hang out til the sun comes up. The kind where beer after beer and fall after fall, you look disheveled and banged up but that doesn’t matter and you still get a kiss or more anyway. Over time one thing I have began to acknowledge and realize is how I am with others in relationships, and not just how they are with me. I’m not sad about this, but I do miss that comfortable feeling. That “we just get each other” feeling. The “we can do anything with each other” feeling.  That “I don’t have to see you everyday but I wouldn’t mind it” feeling. Yes, this is what I woke up thinking about. Fuck it. I’m going to write more and be more open.

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cant wait until this group project is over please someone help me

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ugh somebody buy this for me please

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maroon & pink?? urgh I gotta do that


maroon & pink?? urgh I gotta do that

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im still hungry

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i bought 3 breakfast meals at mcdonalds to eat by myself

this is my life right now

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